MEDITER EXPO’ is an exhibition of the cultures and eno-gastronomy of the Mediterranean that will take place from 4 to 8 March 2020 in Palermo and will bring together the different cultures of this great region that unites three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. Mediter Expo’ is a rotating international fair that Méditer – Réseau Euro-Méditerranéen pour la Coopération – A.I.B.S.L. – organizes within the Amina project: “les femmes leaders dans la Gouvernance de la société Algérienne”. The first edition of this exhibition will take place in Palermo, a city that will open the doors of its historical sites to welcome, in this unique occasion, the diplomatic and institutional representations of many Euro-Mediterranean and Sub Saharan African countries as well as regional food and wine companies. Particular attention will be given to women entrepreneurs and to a series of side events, such as thematic meetings, concerts, shows, photographic documentation, tastings and other female driven initiatives.


MEDITER EXPO’ aims to showcase regional differences while building bridges. It will bring professionals, entrepreneurs and people from various countries of the Mediterranean to Palermo, an ideal city whose convivial spirit and love for knowledge cultivate peace, prosperity and development in the area. Palermo, where food is an expression of the mixture of cultures, with roots in ancient Greece and Arab-Norman gastronomy, will welcome many culinary traditions in an international exhibition.


MEDITER EXPO’ also aims to represent a lifestyle linked to the Mediterranean diet, today an Intangible Heritage of Humanity and the sum of ancient cultural knowledge, that few places in the world have been able to develop.


MEDITER EXPO’ finally aims to be an engine of growth and development for an open and sustainable economy. Trough pre-organized b2b meetings it intends to strengthen commercial relations among Mediterranean food and wine companies and international buyers to promote products in new foreign markets. Given the importance of the initiative, we believe collaboration with the international diplomatic institutions and the Italian national and regional administrations is essential, including to identify and involve the most representative companies managed by women and to ensure an effective presentation of the region and its excellent resources; the Mediterranean, the cradle of civilization, can once again be the engine of growth for a society that prizes the foundational values of mutual knowledge and understanding.



The exhibition will be organized every year in March, beginning in March 2020. In the first year it will be held at the Mediterranean Fair in Palermo, in an area comprising 5000 square meters; over 130 companies and institutions from all the Mediterranean region, 10,000 visitors and 30 international buyers specialized in the eno-gastronomic sector are expected to attend.
International dance, music, cinema and theater shows and exhibitions about the art of the Mediterranean Region are planned in the historic and artistic sites of the City of Palermo, with particular attention to the “art of the table”, linked to the different cultural and religious traditions. The cost of the stand and services will be provided upon request.