The longest any individual has stood the Companion's Watch was Astoran Kalos, who endured for a full Terran century before at last surrendering his place amongst the silent ranks. [22b] Individual squads of Custodes are overseen by Shield-Captains[13]. It was they who tested the Legio Custodes defences and preparations just as foes would, as well as conducted their own hidden missions to dispose of potential threats within the Imperium, and enact final and sometimes utterly secret justice as the Emperor's will demanded it. The following information is not to be regarded as officially sanctioned and/ or is not written from an in-universe point of view. Originally, it was said that the Emperor himself oversaw the creation of each and every Custodes. If the Adeptus Custodes could be said to have a weakness, it is that they fight as individuals rather than squads of soldiers, as proud lions rather than cunning wolves. Imperial Palace (Terra) Faction: Adeptus Custodes; It’d be cool to have the Apollonian spear as a usable relic. It was said that Captain-General Constantin Valdor obtained 932 names prior to the assault of Horus upon Terra. Another school of thought, the adherents of which are known as the Miserians, believe that through the wounds inflicted with Misericordia they will slowly bleed the great descendants of Horus, inflicting a death by a thousand cuts upon the Black Legion and their masters. Their duty is so sacred, their reputation so profound, that even Space Marines and Inquisitors kneel before them. These two ranks fulfill the roles of inspiring leaders, gifted generals and selfless champions. We are ever beset, surrounded upon all sides by heresy and foulness just as is Terra itself. We are duty unstinting. Meaning of custodes. According to ancient Imperial records it is clear from the Custodians' participation in the so-called "Blood Games" -- a series of war games in which Custodians sought to identify all of the possible ways that the Imperial Palace could be infiltrated or assaulted -- that Custodians were trained in the arts of assassination, both improvised and professional, in order to counter possible attempts on the life of the Emperor. Following in the footsteps of historical titans such as Constantin Valdor, this lordly warrior is entrusted with an autonomy that eclipses that of even an Adeptus Astartes Chapter Master. Given that it is said that the Emperor Himself has overseen the creation of every single Custodian Guard who has ever lived, this may well be true. What does custodes mean? These Arch-traitors spread the moral decay to the Legiones Astartes they led, and the galaxy was lit with the fires of strife and civil war. Furthermore it is clear that the Custodes are also well versed in the political etiquette of Terra, and have been known to act outside of Imperial Law, to infiltrate influential Noble Houses and to investigate any potential threats (a role that an Astartes would never be expected to fulfil. As an organisation, it was in many ways both alike and unalike to the ancient Space Marine Legions in formation and structure, a paramilitary force unique in human history, inviolate in action and answerable only to the Emperor. Only those who win the respect of the Adeptus Custodes can hope to command them, but should such a leader unite them, their loyalty will never fade. Shortly after, Terra was besieged by Daemons, proving to many Custodes that they had been wanting and let the threat of the Archenemy arrive on the Emperor's doorstep. The Custodians have long worn the shroud of shame after that fateful day. "The hotter the forge, the finer the blade, or so they say. In the days of the Great Crusade, the Emperor often entrusted crucial messages or artefacts to be borne by his Custodians. The Adeptus Custodes, known as the Legio Custodes before the Horus Heresy, is the Imperial Adepta responsible for guarding the Imperial Palace and the physical body of the Emperor of Mankind. Others cultivate networks of informants and agents, using fear and intimidation to secure compliance where loyalty and honour will not suffice. To the Shadowkeepers falls the duty of standing guard over them unto the end of time. Guardian Spears These are the signature weapons of the Adeptus Custodes, wielded with skill and accuracy beyond measure. I was still as a statue, but always ready, always attuned to dangers unseen. This figure was first attained towards the middle stages of the Great Crusade and maintained diligently enough that the "Ten Thousand" itself became a cognomen for the Custodian Guard in the works of the Remembrancers and the notaries of the Imperial Court since, whatever its literal accuracy. The Custodes' nerve center and headquarters is the Tower of Hegemon within the Imperial Palace, while a small elite of three hundred Custodes, known as the Companions, form the Emperor's personal bodyguard and never leave His side. This time, led by some of the Imperium's greatest champions and driven by a furious determination never to fail again, they prevailed. When the Emperor came to mastery of Terra and ended the bloody cycle of the warlords' reign, His agents and judges, and only they, came to carry the Misericordia as His mastery eclipsed all others, and it is a tradition the Adeptus Custodes still uphold. A Custodian Guard of the Dread Host. They are also made to be His companions and with Him they are armed to converse on such matters of warfare, politics and philosophy as He wished. 5-13; Dark Imperium (Novel) by Guy Haley, Ch. We stand a watch that will never be relieved, and we stand it gladly out of adoration for he who gave us life, and whose life we must, in turn, preserve. It is mentally and spiritually exhausting, even for the demigods of the Adeptus Custodes, and so when the Captain-General judges that a Companion has served long enough they will be rotated out with immediate effect, replaced by a fresh inductee to their ranks. This aspect of the Custodian mindset was advantageous, given that the Captain-General of the Order often shared a seat upon the War Council, the later Council of Terra and its direct descendant, the Senatorum Imperialis, which allowed him to navigate the political manoeuvring of the Imperium's various organisations while still remaining an awe-inspiring warrior. That their martial skills remain so sharp after ten thousand standard years, however, is evidence that they have not stood an idle vigil. Adeptus Custodes. Definition of custodes in the dictionary. They do not deserve their Emperor. The genetic tailoring of each Custodes is unique and far more complicated than the comparatively crude Astartes. The Custodian Guard are themselves effectively ageless and as unchanging as granite, and just as impenetrable to outsiders. However, whether this be the rapid Jetbike troops of the Vertus Praetors, the heavy assault specialists of the Allarus Custodians, or the unwavering Custodian Wardens, they still operate within a meritocracy that sees them afforded whatever honour their comrades believe them worthy of. On the other hand, Leman Russ only earned Valdor's respect after Russ wounded Horus using the Spear of Russ, though not unfortunately killing him as intended. The more aggressive of the Captain-Generals have traditionally charged the Solar Watch with performing sporadic Talon Sorties. They alone know that these things must never happen, for the Dark Cells hold such horrors at bay that Mankind's sanity would not survive their release. Alongside the anti-psykers known as the Sisters of Silence, the Adeptus Custodes bring war anew to the enemies of the Imperium. [25d] New recruits are presented before the Avenue of Sacrifice outside the Ascensor's Gate of the Imperial Palace. Immediately below the absolute authority of the Captain-General were the two Tribunes, the senior members of the Custodian Tribunate; a senior cadre of ten veteran Custodians, forming the Adeptus Custodes' council of war and policy who acted as advisors to the Captain-General. The day of that remit has finally arrived. This supremacy is evident from the auramite alloy-reinforced Custodian Armour the Custodian Guard wears, each a planet's ransom in worth, to the plethora of repulsor-lift grav-vehicles still under their control, most of which were derived from designs brought back by the great technoarchaeologist Arkhan Land and forbidden for use by any other. They were considered superior to the Astartes of the time, although not as loyal to the Emperor. Thus, each suit of Power Armour is an individual work of exceptional craftsmanship with its own unique flourishes and decorations. The organization's leader carries the title of Captain-General, and due to the importance of the Adeptus Custodes he often holds a position among the High Lords of Terra1. Decades later, it would be the Custodian Guard in their hundreds, in a form akin to their most modern aspect, who would be charged with leading the cull of those same Thunder Warriors who had once served the Emperor and who had then rebelled against Him in the wake of their forcible disbandment and internment as their mental instability, metabolic collapse and anger over their shortened life spans led to violence. The product of these amassed arts, arcane, academic and militant, is a body of warriors who are living weapons. Furthermore it is clear that the Custodes were also well-versed in the political etiquette of Terra, and have been known to act outside of Imperial law, to infiltrate influential Imperial noble houses and to investigate any potential threats. The new points, missions objectives, and recent buffs have seriously elevated the competitive edge of the Custodes, and so far they’re one of the big winners of the transition from 8th edition to 9th edition 40k. The martial capabilities of the Adeptus Custodes remain largely unknown at the present time. They are His first genetically-engineered, psycho-indoctrinated warriors, perfected weapons crafted by the Emperor's genius from the dread lore of the Dark Age of Technology. For long centuries of unbridled internecine carnage on Ancient Terra during the Age of Strife, the Blade of Mercy or Misericordia came to represent the complete power of life and death the techno-barbarian warlords held over the mass of humanity which toiled beneath their yolk and suffered at their whim. The Dread Host have smashed Ork WAAAGH!s, obliterated rebellious star systems and crushed Traitor crusades. These are sometimes used for special missions by the Ephoroi caste within the greater Imperium. Their base of operations is Terra itself and their own domains interwoven with that of the Emperor. The hour of action is nigh. While Space Marines don their armour ritually and in the presence of their squadmates in order to focus themselves entirely on their martial calling, Custodians arm themselves alone and in silence, reflecting on the varied duties they must perform in the service of their master. Information and translations of custodes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Those of the Legio Custodes who specialised in such tactics and the means of employing them were called the Kataphraktoi; they flew interceptors and gunships of sublime sophistication and power, and piloted a range of repulsor-lift grav-vehicles; tanks, transports and strike skimmers, Jetbikes and interface flyers advanced beyond anything else in the Imperium's arsenal. The division of the Custodian Guard about which the least can be said for certain, the Ephoroi were those of the Order that were tasked with covert operations, countersurveillance and the vitally important task of simulated attack and infiltration. Behind locked doors, complex wards and layers of psy-protections, Trajann Valoris and Guilliman ratified a formal amendment to the role of the Adeptus Custodes. A perpetual menace thickens the shadows and makes them crawl. They have fought against enemies thousands of times their number and humbled them through strategy, speed and strength. The distinction between the two, not apparent entirely to outsiders, is one perhaps of seniority and function, with the title of Prefect accorded as a reward of veterancy and favour in service by the Emperor, while the rank of Shield-Captain indicates an active field command over a particular detachment or deployment of the Custodes. Members of the Kataphraktoi riding Jetbikes during the Great Crusade. Whenever the Custodians are seen outside the walls of the Imperial Palace, as rare as that was, it was in their martial aspect. They are hand-picked for their duties by the Captain-General, who chooses his candidates based upon painstaking assessments of each warrior's performance in training and battle, as well as their mental acuity, spiritual fortitude and countless other indicative factors. The Custodian Guard have always fought as champions rather than soldiers. The Adeptus Custodes operate as a military force, a gathering of champions each of whom possesses unassailable authority over virtually any other organisation in the Imperium. The Adeptus Custodes are the Auric Mortalis ("The Golden Death"), the dread guardians and only living beings permitted to be in the presence of the Emperor unencumbered. A man taller than the rest, he could have dwarfed a space marine. The origins of the Custodian Guard are shrouded in myth and legend.

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